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Welcome to the Terms of Use for our website, (┬áIt’s crucial to read and understand these terms as they impact your legal rights. By accessing this website, you are acknowledging your acceptance of these terms. If you do not agree, kindly exit the website immediately.

We reserve the right to revise these terms at any time, and it is advisable to check periodically for the current version. Certain provisions may be superseded by legal notices on specific pages. Continuing to use the website after a revision implies your agreement to the updated terms. Our commitment is to keep you informed and ensure that your online experience aligns with the latest standards and guidelines.

Your Use of Website Content

Feel free to print and download extracts from our website for non-commercial use, but remember to uphold the integrity of the content. Any modification or use of graphics separately from accompanying text requires our prior written permission. All copyright and intellectual property rights for the material on this website belong to us unless expressly granted otherwise. Any unauthorised use terminates your permission to use this website, and you must promptly destroy any downloaded or printed extracts. We aim to provide valuable content and appreciate your adherence to these usage guidelines.

Availability and Non-Confidentiality

While we strive to keep the website available 24/7, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted access. Temporary suspensions may occur due to system issues or maintenance, and we appreciate your understanding. Any material you transmit to this website, except personally identifiable information covered under our Privacy Policy, is considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. We are free to use, distribute, and incorporate such material for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Your contributions play a significant role in shaping our content, and we value the open exchange of ideas on our platform.

Responsible Use and Misconduct

Misuse of the website is prohibited, including posting threatening, defamatory, or offensive material. You are responsible for obtaining necessary licences and approvals for any content you contribute. We cooperate fully with law enforcement in addressing any breach. Your contribution should comply with applicable laws and regulations, fostering a positive and respectful online community. We believe in responsible online conduct and appreciate your commitment to maintaining a constructive digital environment.

Third-Party Links and Website Integrity

Links to third-party websites are provided for your convenience, and leaving our site by using these links is at your own risk. We do not control or endorse these websites and are not responsible for their content, accuracy, or legality. While we aim to provide accurate information on our website, we do not warrant its completeness. Material may be updated or become out-of-date, and we reserve the right to make changes without notice. Our commitment is to transparency, and we encourage you to explore external links responsibly.

Linking to Our Website

If you choose to link to our website, please do so responsibly. Ensure that you link to our homepage without replicating it, maintaining our logo’s size and appearance. Do not create frames or alter our website’s context, and refrain from implying endorsements beyond our own products or services. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with these conditions, as they contribute to the integrity of our online presence.

Limitation of Liability and Governing Law

We, along with any involved parties, officers, directors, employees, or shareholders, exclude liability for any loss or damage arising from your use of this website. This includes direct, indirect, or consequential loss, loss of income, profits, or goodwill. Nothing in these terms limits liability that cannot be excluded by law. These terms are governed by the Cayman Islands Acts, and any disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of Cayman Islands. We reserve the right to enforce our rights and remedies in the event of any breach, ensuring fair and consistent application of these terms. If any provision is deemed illegal, it will not affect the validity of other provisions, upholding the integrity of these Terms of Use.

Issue Date: December 3, 2023


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